Episode 03. Creating Additional Income

Episode 03. Creating Additional Income

Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, Inc, was a college football player with an apparel side-hustle. Yankee Candle was created by a teenage boy, Michael Kittredge, from his mother’s garage. Spanx was created by Sara Blakely while she was working full-time selling fax machines. Side-hustlers.

Yes, not all side-hustlers hit the level of business success of these founders, but a side-hustle is a great way to produce immediate additional income. Sara Jonas is a dear friend of mine that has inspired me, encouraged me, and I hope you’ll listen in on her Ep.3 on Creating Additional Income.

She has an inspiring story of how she has navigated life as a SAHM while pursuing a side-hustle that fulfilled past financial needs, and currently is a place of creative joy. Dream with us, and start thinking of out the box.

Listen here for. Episode 3, Creating Additional Income


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