STORY: The Podcast

STORY: The Podcast

Always Working Mom Podcast exists to encourage and strengthen all mothers: Working moms, SAHMs, Mothers-to-be, Women that desire to be moms, and everyone in between, through gospel-centered resources.

-vivian knox, host of Always Working Mom Podcast

The idea behind the podcast has morphed several times now. Since the idea originated I’ve experienced multiple “ah-ha” moments that have helped shape the heart and spirit of our podcast’s mission.

First, during my life as a full-time office-working mom I experienced a couple of situations with coworkers, whom were moms, that strived for competition over support. These situations empowered the vision of a desire to encourage women to chose community over competition. You know, “empowered women empower women” and “women support women”. The idea was to focus on being a part of the solution, not the problem (or revenge, or self preservation or whatever feelings I was wrestling from being hurt).

Second, experience was God convicting me. My crime? Pride. It’s a subtle and deadly sin, and I hadn’t noticed it in my heart or actions, but it was there killing me. I thought, as a full-time office-working mom that I was more important, more achieved, and busier than a SAHM (stay at home mom). I wouldn’t have flat out said that in those words at the time, but my thoughts and actions definitely played that out. For example, if I was driving to work and I would see a woman out walking her dog or running with her kid in the stroller I would think, “it must be nice to have so much free time and be able to spend your day doing whatever you want”. Or if my kid’s school would ask for parent volunteers or help I would think, “I better see all the SAHMs I know sign up first before I offer to help.” God was super nice about gently convicting me. He kindly spoke to me, “why do you think your time is more precious than your SAHM friend’s time?”. If you’re familiar with the Bible, doesn’t that sound just like God [insert my nervous laughter here]? When Adam and Eve sinned, God didn’t lose his temper and yell chasing them with a wooden spoon for a spanking. Nope. (I’m thinking of his series of questions to Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:9-13 and Jesus with the Woman at the well in John 4) This was the BIG “ah-ha” moment. All Moms are working moms. Instead of measuring who’s time is more precious, what would happen if we offered to support. Changing our posture from pride to service.

Lastly, when I started to interview different mothers for season 1 of the podcast I noticed that whether the mom was an office worker, side-hustler, part-time employee or even a SAHM we all struggled with guilt, and we all just wanted to be heard and understood. If we all want to be heard and validated, then wouldn’t it be good to strive to listen to one another? I wanted to share these women’s stories in hope of other mothers being willing to listen. Not for the purpose of agreeing or believing the same things as them, but to change their posture to humility and empathy. We must learn to listen better.

Now, we’re here working on Season 2 with a fresh mission. AWM Podcast exists to encourage and strengthen all mothers: Working moms, SAHMs, Mothers-to-be, Women that desire to be moms, and everyone in between, through gospel-centered resources. We want to encourage a posture of humility, to learn to listen to one another, to empathize. I want to listen to you, and I want others to listen too. I don’t have the power to validate you, but I can introduce you to the One that does. I’m learning to let go of my guilt and my fear of being judged for every thing I do or don’t do as a mother by resting in my identity in Christ. Because Jesus came, died, and rose from the dead for me, I am now God’s beloved daughter in whom He is well pleased with. (Matthew 3:17)

Will you join us? Will you humble yourself being willing to listen to one another in hopes of empathy? We want you! The saying “it takes a village” is true. You are needed in this community of mothers supporting mothers.

For more info on what I believe or our full mission, visit our About Me and Our Mission page. Share with your friends and family and lets grow our village of support.


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