Lisa Frank Inspired Art Party

Lisa Frank Inspired Art Party

Please tell me I’m not the only millennial mama so excited to see the return of the 90s?!?! My daughter turned 7 on the 7th, and had asked for an epic home art party. I whipped up the easiest at home art party with a subtle tribute to Lisa Frank, the Queen of 90s kid art.

Party Details:

  1. Individual Desserts-jars with strawberry vanilla icecream topped with whipped cream and gummy candy
  2. Art Project-wooden wind chimes to paint
  3. Kitchen set up as the art room and Dining Room set up as the food table

😉 Easy Peasy

The girls had so much fun, and of course our Balloon Shop was a hit with the decorations. The balloon wall and table runner made from my childhood paper fortune tellers were my absolute favorite!! What do you think?


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