Ep. 07 Giving Community

Ep. 07 Giving Community

The beginning of the book of Acts shows a beautiful picture of what the early church looked like. One heart. All pursuing God. No one went in need. We’ve been studying the book of Acts this fall in Women’s Bible study, and once again God whispered to me, “Don’t forget what I did for you, and don’t forget to be open handed and to listen, be willing to do this for others.”.

Three years ago our family of four lived with our friends, the Hoyts, a family of six for two months. God taught me so much during that season of life, and has continued to do so each year as I reflect on our time living under one roof. The time for “giving” isn’t just during the holiday season, it is year round. God used the Hoyts to show us this, and in turn we actively strive to live this way.

It’s difficult to compact all that God did in our hearts in under 60 minutes, but we did our best to summarize our time together on Episode 7, “Giving Community”, on today’s podcast. It’s the perfect way to wrap up season 1. I hope this episode inspires you to take pause during the chaos of the holidays and reflect on God. Stop to listen to His voice, and be encourage to obey him…sometimes He asks us to give by writing a check, volunteering, or bringing a meal to a family in need. Sometimes He asks us to open our home to our friend. Beauty is found in obedience. Can you see it?


Episode 6. Five Day Challenge

Episode 6. Five Day Challenge

Ready to grow your community? We challenge YOU to join us on a 5 day challenge to meet a new mom. This can be a new mom at your work, at your child’s school, in your neighborhood…wherever. The point is, meet a new mom, and especially if you don’t have a mom friend that doesn’t “look” like you, meaning, if you’re a SAHM then make a career mom friend and so on. Trust me.

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5 Day Challenge:

DAY 1. MAKE A PLAN. List neighbors, house number, or specific people you want to meet.

DAY 2. PICK HOW + WHEN. Leave a note on someone’s door, send a card to all the moms in your child’s class, invite over for dessert or pizza, or meet up at the park.

DAY 3. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE. Take action. You can do it! Be awkward! You won’t die.

DAY 4. TRY AGAIN. Do stop trying until someone says yes. Don’t keep ringing your neighbor’s door everyday…that’s a bit much…but maybe give multiple neighbors a shout.

DAY 5. MEET UP AND DO IT AGAIN. Actually meet up. It’s ok if no one shows up. Do it again. And if they show up, then plan the next meet up for the following week. Keep it simple.

Join our community on Instagram for examples, advice on the challenge, and to “meet” other mamas that are taking action! Can’t wait to see how your challenge goes.